Cosmic Waves — Flying Dreams 027 (14.04.2023)

The ambient mix by Cosmic Waves takes you on a journey through vast soundscapes and emotive textures. Beginning with SVLBRD’s «Spheres», the mix sets a serene and introspective tone. The haunting vocals of «The Difference» by God Body Disconnect and the melancholic piano melodies of «Where Lonely Embers Glow» by Dead Melodies create a somber yet captivating atmosphere. The mix continues with tracks like «Earth Citizen» by Taennya and «Foundation» by I Am Waiting For You Last Summer, which blend together organic sounds and electronic beats to transport the listener to another dimension. Antarctic Wastelands’ «Static Iridescence» and ASC & Inhmost’s «Wave Clouds» add a touch of celestial mystique to the mix, while «Earth» by Jupiter in Capricorn brings back the organic warmth. The mix ends with a sense of spiritual transcendence, as «Sanctus Terra» by Monasterium Imperi and «Fernweh» by SVLBRD provide a fittingly ethereal and otherworldly finale. Symphocat’s «Adventum» leaves the listener with a sense of wonder and curiosity, beckoning them to embark on this sonic journey again and again.

Genre: Ambient
Length: 57:42
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Size: 132 mb


  1. SVLBRD — Spheres (Original Mix)
  2. God Body Disconnect — The Difference
  3. Dead Melodies — Where Lonely Embers Glow
  4. Taennya — Earth Citizen
  5. I Am Waiting For You Last Summer — Foundation
  6. Antarctic Wastelands — Static Iridescence
  7. ASC & Inhmost — Wave Clouds
  8. Jupiter in Capricorn — Earth
  9. Monasterium Imperi — Sanctus Terra
  10. SVLBRD — Fernweh (Original Mix)
  11. Symphocat — Adventum
electronic music mixes by cosmic waves

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